Dr. Kevin Purcell, D.C., has taught or coached athletes dating back to 1974. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of the Pacific (1974-1978) and a doctorate degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (1978-1982).

He has run a practice specializing in sports medicine, industrial disability evaluation, and hard- to-handle sports and work-related medical conditions for 20 years. As such, Dr. Purcell brings a unique ability and working knowledge to his multisport athletes. As a certified USA Triathlon coach he is likely to quickly spot and/or avoid common injuries that so often rob endurance athletes of precious training time, races, or entire seasons. Prevention of problems to his athletes begins with a serious, professionally trained approach to the body's proper recovery, nutrition, training, and racing.

As a part of the coaching association of Joe Friel’s Ultrafit Kevin has an extensive network of coaching bretheren with whom he exchanges ideas and cutting edge training philosophies. The heaviest influences on KP’s coaching direction has come from Gordo Byrn and Joe Friel.

Kevin has coached both Pro and elite athletes, as well as newcomers to triathlon, toward their goals from as far away as Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, the Southern Hemisphere and the various regions of the United States. He currently coaches two defending AG Ironman champions and a two time defending AG champion at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Whether it is in the world of medicine or as a coach, he considers himself a teacher and relishes the tough cases his athletes and patients present him with.

As a competitive athlete since childhood, "KP" was named to California’s southern section First Team All-California Interscholastic Federation's High School Basketball team both his junior and senior years. He was his team's and league's MVP and leading scorer before playing two years at the University of the Pacific.

"KP" has competed in triathlon since 1999 when he raced Clydesdale. Weighing near 230lbs in 1998, Kevin has re-made his body composition to a lean 6’ 3" and 188lbs. Kevin has qualified for Ironman Hawaii five times over the last three years at Ironman Florida, Ironman Brazil, Ironman New Zealand (twice) and Half Ironman Vineman

He knows what it takes at all distances – but his passion is Ironman. Kevin has competed in 14 Ironman races since 1999, including Ironman Hawaii twice. He will race in Kona for a third time in October '05. KP has attended all five of the Gordo Byrn and Scott Molina run Epic Camps in New Zealand (twice), Australia, Hawaii and Colorado. He hopes to keep that string of attendance alive with the Epic Camp New Zealand in January of '06 and Epic Camp France in July of '06.

"My coaching is very personal. I take it personally. I am also a chiropractor and I treat my athletes with the same care I give my patients. My # 1 priority is to educate and motivate you in ways that enable you to get more fit and make you better prepared to reach your goals. I care deeply about all of my athletes as people first – competitors second. Throughout our relationship I will place your health above all else. A lack of significant injury to my athletes is a goal for me."

"If you are willing to do what it takes, are in search of a coach who loves his work, who knows how to get from where you are to where you want to be -- then I am the coach for you."

Services and Fees:
One-on-One Coaching: Daily contact is maintained by email, telephone (as needed) and through the online TrainingPeaks tool. $250 Start-Up Fee, $350/mo.

Consulting: $200/hour, one hour minimum. Preparation included.

Dr. Kevin Purcell, D.C. works with highly motivated, long course athletes; from elite to those new to endurance sport. In the last five years, Coach KP has guided over 15 athletes to qualification in Kona (including FPRO 2x). That includes five IM age group Championships and an AG podium (3rd) at the World Championships, IM Hawaii. As well, many HIM AG wins, OA HIM wins and numerous HIM AG podiums. As an athlete, KP has qualified for Kona seven times and was the 2006 AG Champion at IM Brazil (50-54).