I’ve known Kevin since 1999. Over this period, I’ve seen him completely transform himself into a top athlete. It’s been my pleasure to advise and guide him through the achievement of his goal of Kona qualification.

Kevin cares deeply about his athletes and has a desire to help people become their absolute best. Having successfully overcome many of the challenges that we face in our sporting and personal lives, he is able to bring valuable insight into his athletes’ programs. If you want to achieve your absolute best in our sport then you’ll be in good hands with Kevin Purcell.

Gordo Byrn, Ironman Coach and World Champion Triathlete
Kevin began coaching me three years ago, just one year after competing in my very first triathlon ever. I am now a second year pro competing at the Ironman distance, thanks to Kevin’s knowledge, encouragement and belief in my abilities. Under Kevin’s watchful eye, I have competed in four Ironman triathlons: 1. Ironman Canada 2001 as an age grouper, qualifying for Kona, 2. Ironman Wisconsin 2002, placing fourth overall and winning my first paycheck, 3. Ironman Brazil 2003, finishing sixth overall and again winning a paycheck, and 4. Ironman Florida 2004, where I ended up having to walk the marathon due to stomach issues, but fully expected to finish top 5 in a very strong pro-women’s field, the deepest pro field since Ironman Hawaii that year.

Kevin has been there not only for me as a coach, but also as a friend. He has a keen ability to sense when things are troubling me mentally and/or physically just by how my workouts are going and/or how the tone of my daily workout comments are logged.

Knowing that my livelihood depends on how I race, which comes down to how I train on a daily basis, Kevin is the first to point issues out, discuss them with me, and get me ‘back on track’.

At times in our lives, we encounter people who impact us significantly. For me, this person is my coach and friend, Kevin Purcell.

Tina Paulson, Professional Triathlete
As a self-coached age group athlete, I always struggled with the proper training needed to do well for an Ironman distance race. I was never able to break through my limiters, never able to be well-prepared for a race, and as a result, never able to reach my potential. When KP became my coach in 2001, all that changed.

My main goal for the 2002 season was to perform well enough at Ironman Canada to qualify for the big show in Kona. KP’s approach was different than I was used to: do the least amount of the most specific training at the right times, and emphasize recovery as a way to reach your goals. KP guided me carefully throughout the season, providing me with constant feedback on my workouts, checking up on me to make sure I was staying healthy, and giving me encouragement throughout. His attitude with me and the training was consistently positive and supportive. During the season, KP was always there, providing me with support and guidance as the challenges of the training became more difficult. When I came down with leg injuries during the middle of the season, KP crafted a modified schedule and approach for me that allowed me to keep training and recover successfully from my injuries.

As a result of KP’s coaching, Ironman Canada 2002 was an incredible experience for me. I had the race of a lifetime: a PR by 43 minutes, including a very solid run split, and a qualifying spot to Kona. My goal was realized, and it would not have been possible without KP’s coaching. My subsequent race in Kona that year gave me opportunity to experience my lifelong dream – to cross that white line on Alii drive.

One of the things that made the journey so rewarding was that KP was always right there, believed in me, and gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my goals. Make no mistake about it – KP’s coaching was the reason I was able to make it to Kona.

Artie Alvidrez, Age Group Triathlete, Ironman Hawaii Qualifier
I have worked with Kevin for the last 2 seasons and would give him my highest recommendation. There are several factors that make Kevin a great coach. His medical background and nutritional knowledge are a valuable resource for any questions in those areas. His association with Ultrafit enables him to interact with some of the leading authorities in current triathlon training methodology ensuring that you are receiving cutting-edge coaching advice. Another big factor is that he also “walks the walk” – not only coaching, but training his way into the top age-group ranks and qualifying for Kona. With his background and personal success in endurance racing, he understands what an athlete may be going through and can provide feedback or assistance in any problems or questions that may come up since he has probably crossed that bridge in his own training. His insight and knowledge are invaluable. I have always received solid feedback regarding any questions I have had regarding training, nutrition, etc. and it is a major plus to have a quick source for this information.

Prior to being coached by Kevin, my Ironman PR was 10:55 and, at that point, I felt I was hitting close to my personal performance ceiling. With solid, focused training Kevin has enabled me to surpass any expectations I have had regarding my performance and I still feel like I am getting faster and stronger. In 2002 I lowered my PR to 10:41 at IM Canada and hit a 10:22 PR this year at IM Florida. This was all done while maintaining health, improving body composition, and avoiding injuries. There is no easy way to get faster – the bottom line is that you’ll have to put in the training hours to meet your personal performance goals. Working with Kevin will allow you to eliminate any doubts you may have regarding your training and focus your time efficiently where it counts – swimming, biking, and running. Thanks Kev, looking forward to another great season in 2004!

Mike Grier, Age Group Triathlete
Having a coach like Kevin makes all the difference. I began working with Kevin in the fall of 2002. After training for Ironman distance races for 2 years I decided that I wanted to take my training, commitment and goals in triathlon to a higher level. I was looking for a guide and supporter; Kevin is this and much more. Kevin is an easy-going, attentive and warm coach with a wealth of information, knowledge and personal experience to draw from. He responds to all questions and concerns promptly. He is in your corner and you know it!

With no injuries or guess work I have increased my fitness dramatically this year. I feel healthy, strong, and motivated as I move into my second year of coaching with Kevin. I have complete confidence in Kevin and the workouts and advice he provides me. He has taken the time to get to know me, the demands that life places on my time and my goals. He knows my dream and he is helping me get there.

The lessons I learn from Kevin as a coach are not limited to the sphere of triathlon. Through Kevin’s coaching and in watching his own remarkable successes in sport and life I have found myself clearing away the clutter in my life and focusing on what matters to me. I find that I approach everything in my life with new clarity - it is exciting and exhilarating! If you desire to be the best you can be in triathlon and in life – well, you have no farther to look than Kevin Purcell.

Jennifer De Wald, Age Group Triathlete
A little over a year ago I raced my first IM at Lake Placid. I finished with a respectable 12:35, but also knew that I could do a lot better. I decided to start working with a coach who could help me realize my goal of qualifying for Kona, so I contacted Gordo Byrn (who just so happens to be KP’s coach). Unfortunately, Gordo’s already had a full complement of athletes, so I asked him who he would reccommend, and Kevin’s name was at the top of his list.

I could not be more satisfied with the last year of working with Kevin. Under his expert guidance, I raced to an 11:06 finish at IM Coeur d’Alene, good for 16th in my age group (25-29) and 134th overall in tough conditions while setting PRs in all three events. Four months later, I closed the season with a 10:37 finish at IM Florida, once again setting new PRs. Kevin’s instruction has been invaluable to that progression. Each week he carefully designs a schedule that fits my life and adjusts it as necessary when unexpected conflicts pop up. As a former student of the “more is better” school of thought, without KP, I would definitely have spent a good part of the season like a lot of self coached athletes, overtrained and mentally and physically exhausted. Coach KP got me to the starting line mentally and physically primed to race.

Kevin has been much more than just a coach for me. He cares about each of his athletes, and has lent his support more than a few times over the course of the last year as I dealt with challenges and tragedies in my personal life.

I am absolutely certain that with Coach KP in the driver’s seat, you’ll see me on Dig Me Beach in Kona.

Sam McGowan, Age Group Triathlete
KP has been coaching me since late 2001. We first met in early 2000 when a group of us were training for IM California. I can’t say enough good things about KP as a coach. He helped me to an 18-minute PR at IMC ‘02 and a 26-minute PR at IMC ‘03. I can’t wait to see what happens at IMC ‘04! :-)

Far more than the PRs (which are great!), what I enjoy most about working with KP is his dedication to his athletes. He focuses on each individual’s goals and does everything possible to design a program and educate his athletes on what it will take to achieve that goal.

Kevin also focuses a great deal on the prevention of injuries, developing the habit of good nutrition, and helping athletes to build or enhance the mental skills necessary to not only get through a long race, but to achieve your best in a long race. I’ve learned that the training alone is not the key to success. KP has taught me that combining the training with strong mental skills and consistently maintaining good solid nutritional habits (a constant struggle for me!) is what makes the difference between an average race and a breakthrough race. I certainly learned that this year when I lost 20 lbs., trained consistently and learned to race my own race!

KP goes the extra mile for all of his athletes. My last three IMs also saw KP racing (and going for a Kona slot!), yet he always took time in the days leading up to the race to sit down with me, go over my race plan, and answer any last minute questions or concerns. That was invaluable to me!

Having worked with a couple of different coaches, I can honestly say there is no better coach than KP! He is always willing to share his knowledge and is available via phone and e-mail. He obviously loves what he does and is quick to provide encouragement and motivation at all times.

Thanks, KP for all you’ve done and I can't wait to see what 2004 brings! :-)

Elizabeth Morin, Age Group Triathlete
I am an average age-grouper and have been enjoying triathlons for the last three years. Being a Brazilian, my background was playing soccer and enjoying the occasional local mountain bike race and weekly jogs.

2000 was my first and toughest triathlon year. Trying to balance family, work and training was a challenge. Back then, I could only train for short event races since I spent a lot of time making schedules and training plans, and some more time getting over injuries from both overtraining and incorrect training.

When I thought about getting a coach, I was hoping to eliminate the guess work from my training schedule, but I was really fortunate to meet KP.

I met Coach Kevin Purcell (KP) March 2001 through the Ultrafit Group. With KP, I have worked my way up to the IM distance, finishing my first IM event last month in Brazil with a strong 11:04 time.

KP’s endless storage of positive energy has helped me get through difficult personal family losses and work-related stress, his vast medical knowledge and contacts has guided me through lower back and other health-related problems; his triathlon racing success, enthusiasm and training methods have taken me to my highest performance level of my training.

He has always been there for me, giving me moral support, and has made sure that I got enough work done to get to the finish line strong.

I will work with KP as long as I can, for he always brings the best out of me. Thanks, KP!

Heraldo Stefanon, Age Group Triathlete
I decided to hire Coach KP last March 2002. I had been working with someone else for the three seasons prior and wasn't really seeing the results I would have liked. I was somewhat skeptical at first as Coach KP changed my routine quite a bit. I kept asking, “shouldn’t I be doing more?” I was the classic worried, pain-in-the-rear client.

Well, was I proven wrong! Last season I raced two Half Ironmans, two Sprints, two Olympics and one Ironman. I PRed EVERY race, most by a substantial amount! My age-group placing moved from middle of the pack to the top 25%, with even a few 9th place finishes

I think KP’s got it all as far as a coach – he assists not only physically, but mentally he really taught me to believe in me and my abilities! Set no limits!

This year, I’ve already raced a marathon where I PRed by 5 minutes and also two half ironmans where I once again set new PRs! I thought all my gains were made last season, but Coach KP has once again proven me wrong!

Thank you for your dedication and for believing in me Coach KP!

Kerri Behrens, Age Group Triathlete
Coach KP exemplifies all the best qualities there are in a coach such as: Enthusiasm, Encouragement, Flexibility, and Outstanding Communication both via voice to voice and on-line. Also, the fact that he is a Chiropractor makes it easier to discuss injuries if and when they occur and, better yet, how to avoid injury.

KP is honest and upfront regarding matching your goals with the actual time you have (or do not have) to train. If your training time is limited because you have a “life,” you may have to reevaluate your goals, etc.

Finally, I like the fact that Coach KP actually “toes the line” and does triathlons (all distances) himself. He is actually practicing what he preaches and incorporating what he learns into the workouts and training plans he develops for his athletes. What could be better? Thanks KP for all you do and are... and for getting me through my first IM!

Skip Fiordalis, Age Group Triathlete
This year, I am training to complete my first Ironman distance triathlon. I’ve been racing triathlons for many years (remember the Bud Light Series?), but have raced nothing longer than a Half IM distance. I always believed the training for a full IM would be too difficult after watching my husband, Artie Alvidrez, struggle with the training needed to race the Ironman distance – it seemed out of my reach and impossible for me to handle. And then Artie hooked up with Coach KP in 2002.

During the 2002 season, I saw Artie make significant progress in his Ironman training under Coach KP’s watchful eye. Since we like to train together, it seemed easier for me to try to follow along with Artie’s program as much as I could do. As I progressed over the year, I watched my strength and endurance improve, all of which was evident in my performances at Olympic and Half Ironman distances. As I watched Artie complete Ironman Canada, it was the first time I thought, “I can do this!”

In 2003, KP became MY coach (my turn!). My goal in 2003 was to improve my strength and endurance so that I can make an attempt at IMC in 2004. With KP’s coaching, I was able to make marked improvements. The training really showed at the Santa Barbara Triathlon, where I placed second in my age group on a very challenging and hilly course. I never much thought of myself as a strong runner, but as I ran up the hills at Santa Barbara, I couldn’t help but think “Patty, look at yourself!”

This year is going to be a challenge, but I know that Coach KP will be there right along with me. It’s definitely going to be an exciting year!

Patty Harris, Age Group Triathlete

Dr. Kevin Purcell, D.C. works with highly motivated, long course athletes; from elite to those new to endurance sport. In the last five years, Coach KP has guided over 15 athletes to qualification in Kona (including FPRO 2x). That includes five IM age group Championships and an AG podium (3rd) at the World Championships, IM Hawaii. As well, many HIM AG wins, OA HIM wins and numerous HIM AG podiums. As an athlete, KP has qualified for Kona seven times and was the 2006 AG Champion at IM Brazil (50-54).